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This article will outline the components of a business profile on BiznessQuest and will show you how to create an effective profile that will help you build an online presence. Essentially, your profile can be considered your company's resume. It gives potential customers an overview of your company and provides them with the following information:

Address, Directions and Location Maps

People routinely use the internet to retrieve directions and location maps. Your profile provides potential customers with directions and location maps to your facility. To ensure they get the correct information, be sure to add your full address and always keep it up-to-date.

Company contacts

Add your primary contacts to your profile. For each contact include their name, job title and phone number.

Website URL

If you have a website include the URL in your profile. If not, you should consider getting one. Your website should be the foundation of your web presence. Having one will improve your online visibility, increase customer confidence, build your company brand and can even track customer behavior on your site. Websites are extremely affordable and almost all businesses have one. If you don’t, let BiznessQuest provide you with a custom website design quote today.

Business Description

Write a business description that will captivate your audience. The description should be at least a paragraph long and should summarize on the core business of your company. While you write your description include your key search terms, but don’t spam and try to refrain from adding any sales pitch.

Products and Services

Briefly identify your main products and services. Include any features that will help your company stand out from your competitors.

Operating Hours

Let your customers know your hours of operation. If you have additional information regarding your hours, you may add this information to the field found above the operation hours.

Accepted Payment Types

Let your customers know what forms of payment you accept.

Languages Spokes

The United States is a culturally diverse country and many companies hire bilingual employees to reach a broader audience. If you have bilingual employees, be sure to add these languages to your profile.

Company Logo

A good logo is an important visual component to a company’s brand and is what your customers will come to recognize. It communicates professionalism and builds trusts. Your company logo should be used on all your marketing efforts, including your business profile. One fact to note is that profiles with logos tend to attract more attention than those without.

Company Documents

If you have company documents you would like to publish online, attach them to your profile. Your customers can access them through your profile's "Photos & Documents" section.

Social Networking Links

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account; add them to your business profile.


In searches, your profile will be displayed in the categories you select and there is no limit to the number of categories you can select but the categories must relate to your business.

Once your profile has been published it's submitted to popular search engines, such as Google.  Search engines are vital to any company's online marketing strategy.  Many small business owners don't have the budget, time or resources to market their companies online and that's where BiznessQuest comes in and at no charge to you. BiznessQuest is an online business directory that provides an opportunity for you to create and publish your company profile. With a business profile you can create and post the following:

  • Coupons and Promotions
  • Upcoming Events
  • Event Photos and Portfolio
  • Articles
  • Company Documents

As you can see there are many benefits to publishing your company profile online and once it's published, your valued customers can post reviews.  Good customer reviews help build credibility and reach potential customers. These reviews can help grow your customer base, build customer loyalty and increase sales by giving your consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase your product or service. Typically, people are more prone to do business with a company that has been recommended over one that has not.

April Auger
Web Developer
BiznessQuest provides an array of business marketing tools and services to help you grow your business online. If you have a business and would like to promote it on, create your account today. It's simple and free!
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