Online marketing is crucial today, more than ever before. Billions of online searches are conducted each month by consumers all around the world looking for products and services. The internet has become a major medium for advertising and it is predicted that it will replace traditional marketing medias such as radio, newspapers and magazines. We all know how important marketing is to the success of any business. Creating and establishing a company identity or brand awareness is not easy and is especially difficult for small business owners because they don't have the resources that large corporations have in terms of staffing and budget.

In this article, I will list several ways you can promote your business online for free. Remember, marketing takes time and dedication. If you devote a little time each day to promote your business, it will pay off in the long run.


1. BiznessQuest is a business directory that provides local business marketing solutions for business owners looking to promote their businesses online. BiznessQuest can help you connect with customers and prospects who are searching for your products and services. Business profiles posted on BiznessQuest are submitted to several major search engines. With a business account, you can:

  • Add your business profile
  • Create coupons (Coupons are a great way to attract customers and keep them coming back.)
  • Post your upcoming events
  • Publish your articles
  • Add your photos and company documents (Publish your event photos, flyers, newsletters and brochures)

If you have more than one business location, you can easily link all of them with a single account.

To get started, click create my business profile.



2. Google Places

Google Places helps you connect with customers in your area. To create a business listing, you will need to signup for a Google Places account and submit your company information. After you submit your listing, Google will mail you a post card containing a validation code to verify your business address. Once you receive your code, sign into Google Places and confirm your listing.


3. Yahoo! Local

Yahoo! Local is a local advertising system that allows you to post your company information on Yahoo! Local. They provide two listing options, a basic listing and an advanced listing. The basic listing is free and the enhanced listing costs a monthly fee.


4. Yellow Pages

The online Yellow Pages is the internet version of the popular Yellow Pages phone book. A business listing on the Yellow pages can help you attract more customers in your local area.


5. Craigslist

Craigslist provides small and large businesses with a simple platform to post free classified ads. You don't have to create an account with Craigslist to post a classified ad but it does make it a little easier if you do. With an account, you can manage all of your ads and relist them every 48 hours.


6. Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great for increasing company awareness and are one of the best ways to grow your brand. Many people and businesses use social media today and the number continues to grow each day. Through social media, you can generate more leads and help educate people about your products and services.


7. Business Reviews

Reviews create more exposure and promotion for your company and can lead to new prospective customers. Encourage your customers to post reviews on your company at If you have not yet created a business profile on BiznessQuest, click create my profile to get started today! Creating an account is simple and free.


8. Forum Marketing


Forums are a great way to get noticed online. People search the internet daily to find answers to questions on just about any topic. By answering questions and providing valuable information, you can build up your credibility in your target market. If you post often and provide valuable information to forums, you can create a good source of targeted traffic to your site.

When you setup an account with a forum, be sure to add your website url to your profile's signature, if it is permitted. This will help you generate more traffic and could increase your website's search engine ranking. There are many forums online to choose from but I recommend you start with Warrior Forum.


9. Article Marketing

Write great articles relating to your industry and publish them for free on Writers of BiznessQuest articles are able to leave their url and information about themselves at the bottom of each article, in an area called the author resource box. Publishing your articles can help you:

  • Get recognized as an expert in your industry
  • Establish your company identity or brand
  • Attract more targeted traffic to your website
  • Generate leads

To get started publishing your articles, register now.


10. Company Blog

Blogs are by far one of the best ways to generate more traffic to your website. Almost any business can benefit from having a company blog. If you create a blog, be sure to focus on writing informative content that is related to your industry. If you post good content, it will be found and sites will most likely link to it. This will help you generate more website traffic and could boast your website's search engine ranking.

April Auger
Web Developer
BiznessQuest provides an array of business marketing tools and services to help you grow your business online. If you have a business and would like to promote it on, create your account today. It's simple and free!
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