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General Overview Of Anti Slip Floor Mats

Published by Rubbercalinc on 08/14/2017

The biggest hazards lurk in residences and workspaces, waiting to happen. A large number of people end up slipping and experiencing nasty falls due to slippery surfaces. Despite the amount of care that goes into preventing spillages, it is actually next to impossible to do so. Spillages and consequent slippages need to be tackled differently. The use of non slip rubber is by far, one of the most effective methods of ensuring that a spillage does not result in a slippage. Here is how it is possible to improve safety at residences and workspace.

Ribbed rubber to improve tractionA wet and smooth surface sets the platform for that grand fall. Not everyone conducts business or moves around the house in a slow and surefooted nature. There are many situations when a hasty movement may be necessary. It is therefore important to ensure that surfaces eliminate chances of slipping while in haste. Non slip rubber is high tensile strength rubber, with designs including ribbed patterns to increase traction. The hard yet pliant rubber pushes up against the footwear, unlike smooth surfaces that will induce horizontal movement.

Polyproplene and vinyl combine to feature in herringbone designOf the many designs and patterns in non slip rubber mats, the herringbone design is considered the most effect while being the most uncomplicated. Reputed manufacturers use the herringbone design for most of the non slip rubber mat designs, using the proven combination of polypropylene and vinyl to create a long lasting surface that offers great friction and traction to users. This is ideal for locations where water is likely to be spilled onto the surfaces. The water seeps into the fibres of the polyprolene filament from where it will dry away naturally, without causing individuals to stumble or slip.

Surfaces that drain the liquids awayLiquids that stagnate on the top of surfaces are one of the most hazardous, especially in workspaces, where quick movement is routine. This is especially true in the commercial work spaces, where individuals move around carrying or balancing some load on their hands. It is important to offer safe and drained surfaces. Non slip rubber mats include surfaces that drain away the liquids through holes on the surfaces. Ideal for the food service industry, these mats are easy to maintain, and require a simple hosing down to wash away dirt and grime. The very mature of rubber offer a gentle cushioning effect on the feet.

Wide rib mats for outdoor useCorridors and outdoors are equally prone to slips and falls. A rain fed corridor or footwear with smooth and flat heels can result in a tumble or stumble in corridors when movements are fast. It is therefore equally important to ward off slips and falls with the right surface. Wide ribbed outdoor runner mats are ideal for corridors, with UV resistance, meaning longer life and lesser fade of color. The rugged nature of rubber and the design combines to create a great and safe surface.

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