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Visiting a Gynaecologist in Panjim Goa - Check Out These 4 Tips

Published by Paihospital on 01/08/2018

Going to a hospital and visiting a gynaecologist in Panjim Goa can be a difficult decision especially for those who have anxiety about seeing a doctor about fertility issues. But it’s always a good idea to seek proactive care when you are looking to improve your chances of conceiving. Here are tips to keep in mind when choosing a gynaecologist in Panjim Goa.

To be assured of the quality of service that a gynaecological hospital provides, you can check what certifications it possesses. An ISO 9001 certification shows that a facility is very serious and conscientious when it comes to the quality of service, equipment used, and the procedures it follows when it comes to consultations, surgeries, and check-ups.

Choose a gynaecologistwith whom you feel at ease. If this is your first time to visit a gynaecologist or infertility doctor, you may want to ask for personal referrals from family and friends. You can also go to a reputable hospital and ask for a gynaecologist who is accredited by that hospital, and then set up an appointment for an initial consultation and see how that doctor makes you feel. A good gynaecologist makes you feel at comfortable and keeps you informed. You should be able to discuss your medical condition clearly and confidently.

To make the most out of the consultation, think about the concerns you want to discuss with the gynaecologist in Goa beforehand. Write them down on a piece of paper that you can bring to the hospital or clinic. This ensures that you don’t miss anything or forget something. It will be easier for a gynaecologist to examine you and recommend the best courses of action when he or she has a full picture of your health concerns. If you have given birth or had a prior miscarriage, it is also best to share these kinds of information with your gynaecologist.

Finally, make it a point to keep track of your tests and screenings. Ask for copies of test results whenever possible and file them away at home, so you always have records. Examples of medical tests and treatments that you should track include Pap smear tests, cervical cancer vaccinations, and the like. This will make it easier for you to switch to another gynaecologist later as needed.

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