Cancelling a Timeshare Contract

Published by advocatefinanc… on 02/07/2018

While plenty of people out there are more than happy with their timeshare, others find that it’s simply not what they thought they were buying in to. Many timeshare sellers are paid solely on commission, so there’s a huge amount of pressure on them to sell- that’s why they commonly use such devious methods to sell them to unwitting members of the public. By the time you want to cancel your timeshare contract, it’s too late, as you’re tied up in a contract with seemingly no way out. If you find yourself in this situation, though, then there is fortunately something you can do to fix things. If you can prove that the seller used deceptive tactics to get you to sign that contract, and misled you about what it would entail, then what they have done is illegal- which offers you a way out.

The majority of timeshares are sold via presentations, where sellers are able to put the pressure on large groups of people at once, and therefore make a great deal of money in a single day. Sellers will try to reel would-be victims in to attending these presentations by claiming that it will be short- often under an hour- and that there will be no obligation to actually invest in the timeshare at the end of it. As anyone who has attended one of these presentations will know, though, the reality is a whole different story. It’s not uncommon for attendees to report that the presentation drags on for hour after hour, and that the seller uses aggressive sales tactics to pressure them into the timeshare scheme before they are allowed to leave.

By the end of it, those attendees are willing to sign anything put in front of them if it will get them out of the venue. Unfortunately, that means they don’t check the small print, and are then left with no way of knowing how to get out of their timeshare. In these cases, though, the seller is not meeting their legal obligation to ensure the buyer is fully informed of all the terms and conditions before handing over their money. They are required to make all the necessary information clear and available, so if you were only presented with a condensed version of the terms and conditions, then you were clearly being kept deliberately in the dark. If you ask to see the longer version and are refused, then a boundary has been crossed, and the seller has gone from being merely overtly misleading to deliberately fraudulent.

As well as endlessly drilling you until you give in, timeshare sellers will also frequently use rude and aggressive sales techniques to force you to give in. If you don’t want to buy, or if you aren’t willing to buy as much time as the seller would like, then they may well start making indirect threats as a means of intimidating. Again, it’s completely wrong for any seller to do this to you, as no buyer should be coerced into making a purchase. That’s especially true for timeshares, where it is a significant long-term cost, and it can be next to impossible to actually cancel a timeshare contract. If you ask how to cancel your timeshare contract, then you typically won’t get a straight answer- after all, if you knew it was going to be impossible, then you wouldn’t sign up in the first place.

So, when it comes to timeshare presentations, there are a whole heap of different deceptive tactics that sellers will fall back on to pressure you into parting with your cold hard cash. If any of the above happened to you, or if you felt that you weren’t being given the full story at the time, then you could be well within your rights to cancel your timeshare contract. At the end of the day, timeshare sellers have to abide by the same rules as everyone else- and if they don’t, then you have the right to walk away from a misleading contract.

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If you are lucky, you may have identified the pitfalls of a timeshare right at the beginning. This will give you the luxury of cancelling the timeshare within the legally permitted period. However, for the not so fortunate who are looking for options on how to get out of timeshare contract, there are legal remedies. Look for qualified and competent timeshare cancelation advocates who can pursue the matter on your behalf and help you exit.