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How to Drive Smart Customized Consumer Engagement Using Hybris Marketing

Published by KnackSystems on 02/16/2018
Hybris marketing integration allows businesses to gain deeper insight into consumer preferences and behaviors. According to studies, companies see significant increase in ROI after SAP Hybris Marketing cloud deployment. This cloud-based CRM tool enables companies to engage with potential and existing customers across different devices and channels and consolidate these insights into a convenient single-view report that helps customer representatives to deliver relevant and hyper personalized messages and, at the same time, optimize offers to ensure more effective marketing campaigns. Studies also prove how Hybris Marketing integration enables an increased understanding of customers, which ultimately leads to significant improvements in marketing end results. 
Better understanding of customers enables more efficient engagement across all touchpoints and channels. Through Hybris Marketing integration, you can combine tracked data from both online and offline sources so as to develop deeper insights and dynamic customer profiles that offer a 360-deree view of preferences and the things that impact purchase behavior. This allows for a more contextual and customized consumer experience, which in turn leads to increased conversions. SAP Hybris integration is an excellent digital marketing platform that works perfectly with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP HANA and provides insightful behavioral marketing analysis that covers virtually all necessary categories for marketing planning and target audience identification.
Hybris Marketing integration offers extensive benefits in areas like data management, segmentation, campaigns, and analytics, allowing you to drive marketing efforts based on visitor behavior, site performance, and ROI. With real-time data as well as self-service analytics capabilities, businesses have the ability to respond to new and real-time opportunities and empower the delivery of individual customer engagement to mass audiences through the consolidation of customer information across different touchpoints. With Hybris integration, it is easier to identify customer motivations and intent, discover less obvious trends, as well as deliver contextual, timely, and relevant experiences to customers throughout their customer journey.
Some of the key features of the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud include:
• Out of the box multi-channel and multi wave support for campaign success reports across built-in channels ranging from SMS to personalized commerce, paid search, sales leads, and more
• Marketing executive dashboard, which provides real-time insights on marketing performance
• Enhanced analytics capabilities
• User-friendly analytics applications including Lead Dashboard, Whitespace Analytics, Behavior Insight, Sentiment Engagement, Marketing Calendar, and Customer Journey Insight
• Programable scoring systems to track and rate customer interactions; and 
• Automated trigger-based campaigns, among many others.
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