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Hybris Ecommerce Implementation – Enhance Your Business Productivity and Marketing Resource Effectiveness

Published by KnackSystems on 02/18/2018

Hybris Commerce allows users to create personalized and relevant omnichannel commerce experiences, enabling consistent delivery of information and service across different ecommerce channels, ranging from mobile to social, contact to chat center, and even in-store.Hybris Ecommerce implementation is beneficial not only in terms of providing personalized service, but also in cost-effective and highly efficient order fulfilment and management, as well as real-time inventory management. It supports data and analytics-driven customization, so that good customer experience is guaranteed and never left to chance. According to studies, 89% of consumers decide to switch to a provider’s competitor because of poor customer experience. With Hybris Ecommerce implementation, you can prevent this from happening.

SAP Hybris Commerce is also available for cloud deployment. With the SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, you can engage and understand consumers in all levels of their customer journey and make sure that every process, from content creation to merchandising and order fulfilment, has been formulated using data-driven research. This kind of hyper personalized insight helps businesses delight customers each time they engage with the company. with Hybris Ecommerce implementation, you provide customers the personalized level of service they desire, expect, and deserve. Improved customer experiences ultimately lead to high levels of satisfaction, and in turn, higher conversions and improved bottom line.

Hybris Commerce is built to help fulfil all your ecommerce requirements. Among its many capabilities are:

  • Providing businesses with a 360-degree view of their customers – With appropriate Hybris E-Commerce implementation, you provide your customer support agents a comprehensive snapshot of who the customer is and what his or her preferences are, including their brand, service, and product affinities. This allows your customer support representatives to make relevant recommendations and use the correct approach in engaging specific customers.
  • Driving revenue through a community that is specially built for commerce - Hybris Commerce allows you to attract visitors, engage customers, and convert prospects with the hep of relevant, real-time, and readily available content designed to influence as well as promote and accelerate their purchase decisions.
  • Driving omnichannel success – Perhaps one of the most highly regarded benefits of Hybris E-Commerce implementation is its ability to deliver high quality and consistent experiences across all commerce channels. People nowadays expect online shopping to be easy, convenient, no-fuss and enjoyable, regardless of the product they are looking in the market for. SAP Hybris allows businesses to meet these modern consumer expectations and deliver memorable and enjoyable experiences anytime and anywhere.

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