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Beginners’ Chess Strategies – How to Be Good at Chess

Published by ichessu on 02/22/2018
So you’ve recently taken an interest in chess—the very game of strategy that has intimidated you for the longest time. Not every great chess player started as a child prodigy, and you too, can be a master or at least someone with a good handle of the chessboard and its pieces if you only take time to learn the game and practice how to actually win. How do you beat beginner’s chess? With training and good guidance, of course! Below are some things you should remember when trying to develop your skills and your knowledge of the game:
Beginners chess can be quite frustrating if you keep losing every game you play. Many-a-novice player become easily discouraged whenever they would get mated quickly or lose control over the positions they’ve worked hard to achieve without recognizing what went down in the board. Oftentimes, beginners lose because of a series of really simple mistakes that could’ve very well been prevented had they known how to properly strategize. Fortunately, anyone with enough drive to improve on their game can truly enhance their skills either by training themselves or getting into a program that can help them level up.
Some keys to efficient progress include gaining more playing experience, knowing some basic opening strategies and developing middle game and endgame skills, recognizing typical patterns, and learning beginners chess principles—all of which can be extremely useful in developing your own strategies and tactics in playing the game and arming yourself for victory. 
Your opening choices, for instance, play a huge role in your ability to control the game early on. Good opening choices are essential for good progression moving toward an action packed middle game and a winning endgame. This said, openings can be very complex to learn and master for beginners, which is why it helps getting skilled guidance from experienced players and coaches who are dedicated to passing on their knowledge and helping newcomers improve. Game openings are perfect opportunities to develop as well as activate your most important pieces and taking control of the center of the board and putting pressure on other important squares. This will give you a leg up in the later stages of the game, and give you a better chance at victory. 
Tactics and strategy trainings are also important components of building beginners chess knowledge. Ask your coach about tactical motifs and themes like forks, puns, discovered checks, and double attacks, and make sure you are taught the basics of strategies like castling and other important opening game moves and strategies. 


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