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How to Improve Your Skills if You are Horrible at Chess

Published by ichessu on 02/22/2018
Whether you’ve been playing chess for a long time or are just starting to develop your game, striving to improve your skills and learn winning chess moves can help you gain more victories and make your chess career more rewarding. Gaining more playing experience, enhancing your tactics, strategies, and opening choices, as well as developing your middle and end games, are all keys to significant growth and progress in your game play. If you are serious about improving in chess, here are some things you should think about:
• Making better opening choices – The opening stages of the game and your choices of chess moves at the start of the match can make or break the progression of the entire game. Mistakes during this part of the match can be difficult to jump back from, especially when you are not careful about your strategy. Openings can be quite complex and confusing to learn for beginners, but learning theoretical lines can certainly help you make better decisions during the game’s opening stages. Learn how to develop and activate especially your most important pieces so you can be set-up well for the middle and end game.
• Studying middle game strategies – For an action-packed middle game, get into some tactics training or simply practice with checkmate puzzles. Recognizing patterns and motifs in chess games is a good way to study tactical patterns, which can be very useful in helping you spot opponent mistakes, while avoiding making your own or using the other player’s mistake to your advantage. Solving puzzles is a good way to get tactical training as it will help you recognize patterns faster.
• Learning end game techniques – Good chess moves are nothing if you don’t know how to check mate your opponent. Remember that the main point of a chess game is mating the rival, hence, winning the game. All your knowledge on chess openings, basic strategies, and tactics can only take you so far. You must also learn how to develop your end game techniques, so you won’t end up with a strong opening and middle game only to lose towards the end. Apart from mating your opponent, it is also important that you familiarize yourself with basic endgame techniques and strategies like pawn endgames and activating the king, because many players, including beginners face endgame situations where they are left with these pieces.  All in all, opening game, middle game, and end game chess moves will help you bring home more victories.


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