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Benefits of Palo Santo Wood - Spiritual Healing Magic

Published by silverstone on 02/22/2018
In the forests of South America is a distinct type of wood that is known for its special abilities. It is known locally as Palo Santo, and it is often described as a ‘holy’ wood. But what exactly is Palo Santo? Why is this material sought by those who seek healing?
The main sources of Palo Santo are the native forests of Ecuador and Peru, where they are believed to originate. These trees are characterised by small trunks, but their branches are several meters in length. Their roots are superficial; when the trees reach the final end of their days, their bark and branches, in a way, give energy to other forms of life in the forest.
For centuries, Palo Santo has been used by shamans in their rituals because it is believed to possess spiritual healing magic. Traditional healers use portions of these massive trees to cure different kinds of diseases. Even today, they are widely used not only in South America but also in the West.
Palo Santo has an aromatic smell. It does belong to the citrus family, producing a sweet smell of lemon and mint that makes it ideal to use as incenses for prayers. It is also a source of essential oils that can be used to treat pains. In fact, Palo Santo has been proven to contain chemicals that can rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit because they oxygenate the brain. 
You can take advantage of the effects of Palo Santo in different ways. For instance, you can use Palo Santo incense in your meditation or simply light them up to revitalize the energy in certain parts of your home. The mind-clearing aroma of this wood can help you get in touch with your personal peace and internal tranquillity. 
Palo Santo teas and drinks are also available and they are used to aid digestion. Oils from Palo Santo trees are also said to aid in improving immunity against certain sicknesses. The oils that are retrieved from the bark can be utilized to treat muscle strains. They can likewise treat throat pain and reduce coughs and bronchial illnesses. Some manufacturers convert the oil into soaps and lotions that can provide nourishment to the skin.
Use Palo Santo to reenergize your body, clear your mind, and invigorate your spirit. You can buy Palo Santo products online in Australia from trusted retailers.


Toni Walker associated with Silverstone Wholesale began studying natural health and applying mind, body, spirit principles following a cancer diagnosis in her 30’s. More than a decade on, Toni continues to develop her knowledge and passion and share her experiences with others.
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