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Learn About Laparoscopic Surgery, Its Uses and Its Benefits

Published by Paihospital on 03/07/2018
One of the most popular advances in medical technology in the last decade is laparoscopic surgery in Goa (also referred to as key-hole surgery). It has become the preferred method for diagnosing and performing therapeutic gynaecological procedures including tubal ligation, ovarian cyst removal, adnexal mass removal, ectopic pregnancy treatment, chronic pelvic pain exploration, sterility, fibroid removal, gynaecological cancer treatment, and hysterectomy, to name a few.
What is laparoscopic surgery?
Laparoscopic surgery has revolutionized the way most treatments are performed. Before, larger incisions had to be made on the abdominal area to diagnose the condition of a patient. But with this type of procedure, no open surgery is needed to evaluate abdominal and stomach pains. 
The term ‘laparoscopy,’ when translated, literally means ‘looking in the belly.’ It is less invasive as only small incisions are created on the stomach to perform this diagnostic surgery. An instrument—called the laparoscope—is then inserted into the body through these holes. This long, narrow tube has a high-resolution camera and bright light attached to the end. Images are taken by the camera and transferred to a nearby monitor. 
Why undergo laparoscopic surgery in Goa? 
You may be advised to undergo laparoscopic surgery if the doctor requires more tests to get evaluations not provided by other imaging techniques like CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs. Through the use of a laparoscope, your internal organs can be inspected more easily and accurately. Aside from gynaecological issues, pain in the appendix, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, spleen or reproductive organs can also be diagnosed with the use of the laparoscopic procedure. 
Laparoscopic surgery in Goa is a minimally invasive method of diagnosing your abdominal area. You will recover faster as opposed to undergoing open surgery. It allows the doctor to see abdominal tumours, fluids, diseases of the liver, and cancer progression. Biopsies can also be performed via this surgery.
If the doctor recommends a laparoscopic surgery in Goa then it’s critical that you make an appointment right away. This type of treatment can only be done by specialists who have extensive experience in the procedure. It must also be done in a well-equipped hospital or surgical centre that has all the latest and most advanced technologies to make the procedure safer.

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