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Everything You Need to Know About Reseller Web Hosting

Published by hostexplore on 03/14/2018
‘Reselling’ occurs when you use the resources of a web hosting company and sell them as your own. It can be a lucrative side business that you can do at home, and the income potential is quite high. Reputable web hosting service providers offer competitive reseller packages—and you can sell them to customers who may want to host their sites with you. There are actually many benefits to this kind of setup, both for you and your own customers. And as long as you work with the right provider, all parties should be satisfied with the service. Here are some of the other things you should know about reseller web hosting.
1. The features – The reseller web hosting industry is bigger that it seems, and there are quite a number of packages and arrangements to choose from. Take your time to study what’s included in the various packages. Go ahead and compare their different features. Make sure the solution offers enough bandwidth, disc space, domain hosting, and the ability to configure different accounts and manage your own plans. Likewise, consider a service that lets you use your own brand while letting you provide high-end monitoring tools, additional scripts, a control panel, and email accounts to your customers.
2. The benefits – If your business specializes in internet technology and you have established yourself enough to have a steady stream of clients, you may find reseller web hosting as a good addition to your services. You can purchase it separately to fulfill your internet needs in one go. Graphic designers, web copy writers, database programmers, web designers, and internet marketing consultants are some of the most common customers who sign up for reseller web hosting with a reputable provider. They typically buy web space in bulk, making them qualified for discounted rates and pass the savings to their clients, too.
If you have decided to try reseller web hosting, your next step is to find a reputable web hosting company that offers a good selection of reseller web hosting packages. If you are currently working with a web host, check if it is offering the service. The right packages will be determined by the number of customers you think you can have.


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