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5 Reasons Why Chess Classes Are Important for Kids Brain Development

Published by ichessu on 04/06/2018
A mind that is constantly engaged and working will be healthier in the long run. Certain activities such as reading, doing crossword puzzles, and playing brain-stimulating games like chess can make a difference in the brain development of a child. It pays to start them young. If you want to reduce your child’s risk of developing mental conditions like Alzheimer’s in the future, consider signing him up for a good chess class for kids. Here are five ways that chess can boost brain development in children:
1. Enhance learning and analytical thinking – Chess has long been considered a game that is played only by seasoned strategists and intellectuals who are known for their critical thinking prowess. But it is not just for the so-called geniuses. It can actually be played by anyone. Any age is a good time to start playing chess. Enrolling your children in a chess class for kids can help them get started in becoming more efficient learners with good analytical skills, which can help them make informed decisions even outside the game.
2. Learn skills – Chess classes for children are designed specifically by coaches to train kids of any skill level. The lessons can improve a child’s ability to strategize and think analytically and learn the importance of planning and foresight These skills will be useful in life, especially as your child grows older and becomes an adult.
3. Improve attention span – A well-planned chess class for kids can help your children improve their focus and attention span, thereby acquiring mental clarity and dexterity. Both are essential for problem solving, formulating tactics, and analyzing the consequences of one’s actions.
4. Improve concentration – When a child’s attention span is good, he or she is able to concentrate well on the task at hand. A chess class for kids instills the importance of concentration during the game so that one doesn’t miss a critical chance to win against the opponent.
5. Boost memory – Children who start playing chess at an early age are known to develop outstanding memory. This is attributed to the task of recalling and memorizing moves and strategies to win and remembering the previous moves of the opponents.


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