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Improve Your Chess Moves - 3 Tips that Every Chess Player Needs to Remember

Published by ichessu on 04/06/2018
Chess beginners often find themselves frustrated by strong opening tactics, only to spoil their game by missing critical chess moves. Learning how to follow through your strategy is an important skill to master if you want to really improve on your game play. The key to learning good chess is never letting your frustrations get the best of you and instead channeling them toward the desire to become a better player. Below are some useful tips for improving on your chess moves and increasing your wins as you train for chess:
• Study your opponents moves. In a game of chess, you have to outwit and outmaneuver your opponent. The key to besting them at their game is to watch their every move. Ask yourself what your opponent’s motives or plans may be, each time they would make a move. Stop and think what the reason for the move is and why a certain piece was chosen. Look at your positionings and then back at theirs so you can examine whether any one of your piece is in danger. This is also one way to make sure that there are no threats lingering in the next couple or more moves, while keeping watch at your back. This will also help you figure out the best chess moves to make next.
• Always make the best possible move. Whether it be sacrificing a piece or capturing one of your opponent’s men, it is important that you make the best possible move at every turn. Ask yourself whether the piece you are moving will be moving to a better square than its original position and what kinds of moves you will be opening up for yourself and your opponent once that move is made. Consider what kind of protections and reinforcements the particular piece has.
• Finally, always have a plan. Chess moves should always be planned. Making spur of the moment, shoot the moon advances can cost you an entire game. These kinds of mistakes are exactly what your opponent is waiting for, which is why it is important that you study every move you make and create a plan for each tactic you play.


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