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Learn the Power of Private Pregnancy Yoga

Published by Pommama on 04/08/2018

For busy moms-to-be who cannot find a yoga class that fits their schedule, booking a private pregnancy yoga in London is often the best option. These private classes are also for pregnant women who want more personalised yoga experience, especially those who are complete beginners. 

Prenatal yoga, in general, is extremely helpful for pregnant moms and their babies. It allows women to embrace their bodies, develop strength, and prepare for labour physically and mentally to ensure a safe and successful delivery.

Private prenatal yoga offers many perks that you won’t enjoy in regular classes. For once, you never have to worry about travelling to fitness or yoga centre because your teacher will come to your home, and in many cases bring yoga mats and other necessary equipment. A private class also allows you to learn better because you have the full attention of the teacher. The program can be tailored according to your current level of skills and your pregnancy stage, slowly progressing to more advanced poses to allow your body to cope better with the changes.

Just imagine having an hour in a day that is totally going to be about you. During your private yoga class, you can focus on yourself and the baby inside you, ridding your mind of toxic thoughts and worries. Private sessions indeed make pregnancy yoga classes more special and, in many ways, liberating. Since you are the only student, you will feel more open sharing your pregnancy journey and concerns with your instructor. Individualised attention is a big help for someone like you who is struggling with many changes in your body and your emotions.

It is important, however, to pick the right yoga teacher to ensure that you are guided accordingly and that you are getting high-quality instructions.

It is now easier to find a yoga instructor more than ever, thanks to websites that are dedicated to offering world-class private pregnancy yoga in London. Through their sites, you can lodge inquiries, book a private instructor for a specific time, and even read helpful yoga related articles that can help you improve your practice.

About the author:

Founder of Pommama, Maria Kondrashova, spent ten years running an event management company, a business, which took her all over the world. Maria practiced yoga as an antidote to her busy transatlantic career, but became seriously hooked on its mind and body benefits when decided to have a baby.  Limited availability of studio classes and huge variability in quality of private teachers, motivated Maria to launch Pommama project.

Pommama provides private one-on-one pregnancy yoga classes in your own home or workplace in Central London at a time convenient to you.  At Pommama, our aim is to help you achieve harmony of mind, body and spirit during one of the most important private journeys of your life - pregnancy through to birth.


At Pommama, they aim is to make your private journey through pregnancy a life-enhancing, enjoyable and empowering process. Pommama makes sure to provide you a good private pregnancy yoga class at your workplace or home. Their teachers are certified yoga experts and professional teachers who are dedicated to train you with our bespoke Pommama prenatal programs. The teachers are also additionally trained with pregnancy yoga qualification. Their programs are specified according to the stage of your pregnancy and the teachers will guide you accordingly. The programs are created by their international senior teacher and wellbeing expert, Mercedes. At Pommama, you can assure yourself that you are getting the highest quality teaching and a consistent approach.