Tools Used While Changing the Truck Tires

Published by Trucktiresinc on 04/09/2018

The tires of a vehicle are one of its most crucial elements, determining its’ acceleration, braking and turning capacities. It is the only part of the vehicle that is in direct contact with the ground. Their cruciality is accentuated by the fact that by virtue of being in touch with the road surface, they run the risk of damage and more wear and tear than any other part. It could be gradual or a sudden piercing in by a foreign element that could puncture a tire. Due to such possibilities, a spare tire is something that all vehicles- cars, buses or trucks carry.

Truck tires are naturally more heavy duty in nature because of the immense load that they need to carry, not only of the truck but any additional cargo that maybe loaded in it and because of the varied, rough terrains that they may need to cover.

Unfortunately, a truck tire is much more difficult to change than a regular car because of its immense weight - one cannot simply undo the bolts and elevate it with a jack. There are different tools and ways to go about this task which warrants a high degree of caution and safety checks.

Here is a list of tools one should have for changing truck tires.

  1. Tire cage: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates the use of a tire cage while inflating a tire. The reason behind this is the possible damage and injury that may be caused in case of a rapid deflation that can also lead up to an explosion. A tire cage is equipped to prevent such situations by arresting some of that intense air discharge by containing it in the cage.
  1. Remote Inflation System: Following closely from the need of a tire cage is that of a remote system for inflating tires. Otherwise, the purpose behind having a tire cage is deflated if one stands next to a tire and puts the air chuck in the valve stem. A remote system serves the purpose of keeping one at a safe distance from the tire.
  1. Bead Seater: A bead seater is meant for easing the process of sealing the tire bead on the wheel bead. A bead seater releases a lot of air at a very fast pace, pushing the tire bead upwards, ensuring that it seats on the wheel bead on the first go.
  1. Torque Wrench: The trick to ensuring that truck wheels are installed properly is that the nuts are put on perfectly - not too tight or too loose. A torque wrench which is calibrated is the right tool for fastening a wheel as it indicates the level of torque and ensure that it is in alignment with the particular torque requirements that several associations have mentioned for any software to fasten wheels.

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