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Tips to Ensure A Healthy IVF Pregnancy

Published by Paihospital on 04/24/2018
Getting pregnant through IVF treatment in Goa is certainly an achievement that is worthy of celebrating. However, the success of your in vitro fertilisation treatment is only the beginning. You need to make sure that you do not lose this rare opportunity to become a parent and the baby will be healthy and born without any complications. The first few weeks of pregnancy can be the most critical phase for a would-be mother, so special care is often required to ensure the success in IVF pregnancy. Here are some tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy:
• Before you undergo the IVF procedure in Goa, make sure you’ve looked up all the good doctors and gynaecology hospitals that have a good track record in it. That way, you can be sure that the embryo has been screened and the procedure will be performed only by a qualified and experienced embryologist. You may want to consider saying goodbye to some bad habits, too, such as drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking, if you want to increase your chances of becoming pregnant through IVF.
• After successful embryo transfer, consider taking it easy for a while. Abstain from any sexual intercourse and vigorous exercises, as these activities could cause your uterus to contract, which must be avoided while the embryo is developing.
• Eat a healthy diet that is meant for pregnant women. That means nutritionally balanced meals with plenty of protein, vegetables, and fibre. Avoid soft cheese, caffeinated beverages and food, and fish that contain high mercury. The IVF doctor in Goa can provide tips about supplements and vitamins that you should be taking.
• Avoid places and activities that could raise your internal body temperature. At this point, you should not do any hot yoga, or use hot tubs, and saunas. It is best not to be in pools and public baths, too, as these places puts you at a higher risk of infections. Stick to hot showers to soothe yourself.
• Find ways to effectively manage your stress and anxiety. The time after successful IVF transfer in Goa is critical, and you might feel anxious about the results down the line. So, make sure you have a good support group, like your family and friends, even if it is only your spouse.

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