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Modafinil is the drug of choice in cases of narcolepsy

Published by shoppillmart on 10/06/2014

Narcolepsy is troublesome situation that affects your sleep. You feel excessively tired during the daytime but have disturbed night-time sleep. This affects your overall health. You can also have sleep attacks where you fall asleep at inappropriate times during the day without any warning. The drug of choice in such cases is modafinil.

However it is not the cure but it will help to control your symptoms. It works on the specified areas of the brain and allows you to work, reducing your sleep pangs. The drug is effective and has been approved by the FDA. The off label use of the drug is it allows you to concentrate on your work as the brain works sharper after the intake of the modafinil.

You need to take extra care before consumption of the drug. Sometimes medicines are not suitable to certain condition of the person like wise in case you are pregnant or breast feeding avoid the drug. If you have some liver or kidney ailments then consume the drug under medical supervision only. If you are using any other medicines then it may counter act the effect so discuss it with your doctor before administration.

What are doses of the modafinil?

There is printed information leaflet given with the drug which will help you get the complete information of the drug. Always take a look before administration of the drug. There are two strength available however the best suited will give the desired effect on the body. Narcolepsy is neurological disorder which affects the sleep patterns in a individual. So it is suggested to avoid the driving as it may cause accident. Take you doses with lot of water and do not the crush the tablet. In case you come across some gastric issues, have a small portion of meal before administration of the drug. Hormonal contraceptives and implants should be avoided with the drug as it may reduce the efficacy of the drug. Modafinil online can give source of information at your hands.

What is the ideal storage of the drug?

Keep the pill away from direct sunlight and heat as it can deteriorate the constituent of the drug. Always store it in cool dark place. Keep medicine away from the children. Modafinil is best tolerated by the people but certain aside effects like rash, feeling sick and blurred vision are associated with it. This will subside with the time. In case it aggravates contact your health care provider.

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