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How the Automotive Industry Relies Upon Outsourced HR Firms for Recruiting White Collar Talent

Published by MalaceHR on 04/02/2015

Small businesses and startups can get away with an in-house human resources department, but larger businesses and big corporations -- such as those in the automotive industry -- often have to look outside their walls for additional help. It can be tough handling the payroll, schedules and benefits even for a company of 20. When it comes to big auto companies, it's near impossible. This is why many of them have hired outsourced HR firms to help with these tasks and more.

How Outsourced HR Firms can help

With the automotive industry in Michigan starting to ramp up again, there's an increased need for white collar talent such as engineers and IT professionals. Recruiting these professionals in such a competitive market can be daunting. Everyone wants the best of the best. So how can you ensure you're vetting the best candidate for the job? HR recruiting firms in Michigan can help. Human resources outsourcing has risen sharply over the last 10 years, allowing companies to offload work that isn't integral to their core business, according to the The New York Times. This not only saves time, it also saves companies money. Such firms can handle a range of tasks, such as recruiting and training candidates, and organizing benefits, salary, employee relations, and data collection. This gives the company more time and resources to focus on more important things: like running its business to make a profit. This is especially crucial in Michigan's automotive industry, which is just starting to see the light after its largest city -- Detroit -- filed for bankruptcy just two years ago.

White Collar Talent in Demand

White collar, tech-savvy employees are in demand in Detroit, and everywhere in Michigan that has a stake in the rebounding automotive industry. As a result, companies are looking high and low for young professionals who can contribute to the white collar side of things with expertise in areas like information technology, digital marketing and engineering, says Crain's Detroit Business. They're doing this by scouting for the latest talent right on college campuses and even at businesses that aren't related to the automotive industry. Another way they're choosing to recruit the best candidates is through outsourced HR firms that can do all the legwork for them. These firms can properly vet a candidate, track their skills, match them with a potential employer, and set up interviews -- all while saving the employer time, hassle and money.

Growing Automotive Sector

The automotive sector in Michigan still has a lot of growing to do to get back to pre-recession levels, which will hold many companies back a bit when it comes to hiring. But the professionals they DO hire will be expected to do more, offering technical expertise that will help these companies dig out of the holes they're in with innovation and forward-thinking. Ford Motor Co., for example, has plans to hire 5,000 workers (3,300 of which are salaried employees), while General Motors plans to add some 10,000 professionals to its IT sector alone. The goal of many such companies is to hire more engineers in an effort to boost vehicle improvements and new models.

Outsourced HR firms such as Malace HR can take some of the pressure off these hiring companies and ease the process for all involved.


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