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Common Bad habits that causes liver problems

Published by j121walker on 07/14/2015

Liver is an important organ of the body which has wide range of functions. Liver plays a crucial role in the blood detoxification, metabolic function and physiological processes. In addition, a healthy function of liver reduces the risk of health complications. There are major health’s risks associated with abnormal function of liver, so you need to be careful about the health of liver. There are many bad habits that cause liver problems or may damage your liver in any age.

For the healthy liver, you need to avoid these bad habits. Here are the lists of bad habits which are dangerous for your liver health.

Excessive consumption of alcohol
Alcohol addiction is considered as a chief cause for liver damage. Excessive consumption of alcohol directly affects the liver health and reduces its ability to remove harmful chemicals from the body. Liver is a busy organ of the body, but excessive intake diverted liver focus and it mainly focus on converting alcohol to a less toxic. This may results to inflammation and liver diseases because this organ spends lots of time to break down the alcohol. In between this period, chemical reaction damages the liver cells. Excessive consumption of alcohol for the prolonged period of time increases the risk of permanent liver damage. In addition, this bad addiction also increases the risk of liver cancer.

Smoking Addiction
If you are deadly smoker, then quit now because this bad addiction has many dangerous side effects on health. Smoking addiction kills the liver indirectly. Excessive smoking causes oxidative stress because it contains the toxic substances. These chemicals increase the growth of free radicals, which are responsible for the damage of liver cells and can causes cancer. Liver become less effective over time due to presence of toxic chemicals in excessive amount. The main function of liver is to removing toxins from the body and also minimizes the risk of oxidative stress.

Overweight and unhealthy diet
Overweight is directly associated with the poor nutrition and lack of physical exercises. Like alcohol, excessive consumption of the unhealthy foods also increases the risk of fat buildup in the liver.

Excessive fat in the liver enhance the risk of inflammation and damages the liver cells. And this condition is mostly observed by the obese peoples due to the excessive storage of fat in the liver cells.

Overuse of Medications
Liver plays an important role to break down the substances, which are taken by the mouth such as foods, supplements, medications and herbs. But Overuse of the medications affects the proper liver functions. It is observed that the excessive intake of medications causes permanent liver failure.

Most of the quick pain relief medications can cause the liver damage as per research results. So always consume these medications in the moderate amount if necessary.

Sleep Deprivation
Sleep deprivation is responsible for the oxidative stress to the liver. There are wide ranges of health problems that are associated with the sleep deprivation such as increase the risk of liver damage, diabetes, overweight, heart diseases etc.


John Walker

John Walker is professional trainer and working with many health organizations in the US.