Boost Your Chances of Conceiving Through Fertility Monitor

Published by ladycomp on 02/19/2016

Trying for a baby can go easy or be extremely challenging for couples who want to start or expand their family. One of the best ways to ensure pregnancy is to determine the woman's peak fertility and exact ovulation period. Unfortunately for some, getting pregnant is not as easy because of some health and fertility challenges.

In fact, more and more women today, are having trouble conceiving and artificial methods aren't helping much to improve their situation. This is where natural family planning methods and fertility monitors come in handy. A recent American study took as many as 276 women who had experienced troubles and difficulties conceiving to use a fertility monitor. After only a month of using a fertility computer, about half of these previously challenged women were able to conceive. Three cycles later, 90 percent of the women had become pregnant.

On average, a couple trying to get pregnant would have already spent as much as $6,500 on therapies and fertility treatments, even upwards of $150,000 in some cases. More than 60 percent of the surveyed women in the same study had already received treatment elsewhere, exposing their delicate bodies to often stressful and even more costly procedures, ranging from artificial insemination, hormone treatments, and others.

Preventing this stress, cost, and despair is possible with the help of smarter methods of family planning. Organizing intercourse around your most fertile days will increase your chance of becoming pregnant. Some of the most advanced electronic fertility monitors in the market today, such as Baby-Comp uses the most intelligent systems to determine the best time that you can get pregnant based on your individual menstrual cycle and the subtle changes in your morning temperature. The device even uses statistical planning methods to detect different causes of infertility, thus helping point you to the individual problems you might have with conception. This is a great first step towards solving the problem from its root cause.

As an added bonus, this fertility monitor even has an integrated conception planning software that includes optional gender prediction so you can know whether your child will likely be a boy or a girl. The device even provides pregnancy confirmation with accurate projections of expected due date. If you are tired of wasting money on expensive treatments that cause many adverse effects on your health, consider boosting your chances of conceiving through this intelligent fertility and contraception monitor.

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