Electronic Ovulation Monitor Device: Safe, Economical, and No Side Effects

Published by ladycomp on 02/19/2016

Did you know that complications arising from the use of artificial contraceptives such as the coil and the pill are very common and frequent? According to professor and healthy pregnancy expert and advocate, Erik Odeblad, these artificial contraceptive methods can cause irreversible effects like infertility, especially after prolonged use. For each year that a woman takes the pill, the cervix also ages an extra year.

Electronic ovulation monitor devices promote a safe and economical way to prevent or promote pregnancy without any side effects, and they are ideal for women who value non-hormonal contraception and health conscious living. Modern fertility monitors now enjoy tremendous support and confidence from women as trusted and highly recommended devices for natural contraception and family planning.

With electronic ovulation monitor devices, women don't have to worry about the grave side effects that birth control pills and the use of IUDs or coil bring. Below are only some of the listed and recognized side effects of these artificial contraceptives on the body and on various aspects of health:

• The Head and Brain: Cerebral hemorrhage or bleeding into the cranial cavity, cerebral thrombosis or blood-draining clots from the brain, persistent melasma or skin discoloration, migraine, headaches, dizziness, loss of scalp hair, and acne

• The Eyes: Retinal thrombosis or blockage of the central retinal vein carrying blood away from the eye, change in the curvature of the cornea or the steepening of the cornea, intolerance to contact lenses, and cataracts

• The Heart, Blood and Circulation: Thrombophlebitis or blood clots in the veins, hypertension, mesenteric thrombosis or blood clots in veins that drain blood from the intestines, hemorrhagic eruptions, arterial thromboembolism or blood clots in the heart, pulmonary embolism or arterial blockage that cuts off the blood supply to the lungs, myocardial infarction or heart attack, Budd Chiari Syndrome or the closing of the veins carrying deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body and into the heart, and hemolytic uremic syndrome or kidney failure with low platelet counts in the blood

• Mental: Nervousness and mental depression

• The Entire Body: Changes in libido, edema, change in weight, rashes and allergic reactions, premenstrual syndrome, hirsutism or excessive hair growth in areas where hair is normally absent or minimal, erythema multiforme and erythema nodosum or allergic reactions to the skin, porphyria, bone loss, and cancer of the breast, vagina, and uterus

There are many other side effects from using the coil and the pill that you can prevent by using safer, natural methods such as monitoring ovulation and fertility through non-invasive electronic devices.

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