The Many Benefits of Using An Electronic Ovulation Monitor

Published by ladycomp on 04/18/2016

Contraception using the pill and other artificial methods like the coil can lead to many adverse effects to women's health. In fact, infertility caused by their long-term use (7 to 15 years) is becoming a serious problem. That’s not including the fact that the pill ages the cervix a year extra for every year it is taken.

These artificial contraceptives are found to initiate anti-nidation activities, which prevent newly conceived embryos to attach properly to the uterine lining, thus making conception a challenge for couples who are looking to conceive a healthy pregnancy. It’s possible to avoid these kinds of issues entirely by opting for natural birth control and refusing to use artificial methods of contraception.

Modern products like electronic ovulation monitors support natural birth control and family planning, allowing you to reach your goals without the sometimes irreversible horrors of artificial contraception. A natural fertility monitor is the perfect choice for couples who want an intelligent, all-natural, and non-invasive means of contraception and family planning.

Surprisingly, the most advanced electronic ovulation monitors in the market today have the ability to learn, analyse, and indicate a woman's fertile and non-fertile days while determining ovulation cycles based on individual readings and patterns. The best devices offer premium accuracy, giving you the peace of mind you deserve, whether you are trying to achieve or prevent pregnancy.

Lady-Comp is one such natural birth control and fertility monitor, and it’s well known across Europe as a highly efficient tool for family planning. Validated by numerous clinical trials and nearly three decade’s of use in countries like Switzerland and Germany, Lady-Comp is truly a worthwhile investment for any couple who wish to plan their family efficiently and with less health risks.

In addition to preventing the adverse effects of artificial contraception, fertility monitors offer a wide range of other benefits, ranging from 99.3 percent accuracy (Lady-Comp has a Pearl Index (accuracy) of 0.7, which is far greater than 0.1 to 0.9 for contraceptive pills and 1 to 3 for the coil.
It’s fair to say that fertility computers such as electronic ovulation monitors are proven leaders in family planning and natural pregnancy prevention. Not only do they equal (and sometimes even exceed) popular contraceptive methods in terms of effectiveness, they also ensure safety and ethical-soundness, whilst eliminating potential side-effects often associated with artificial methods.

All that fertility monitors require of you in order to be successful, is your basic cycle data and basal body temperature (waking up temperature), and they can easily calculate your individual cycle, analyze your data against hundreds of thousands of cycles of other women, and determine your peak fertility so you can time romance around your ovulation cycle.

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Lady-Comp UK is the natural family planning store in the UK. Lady-Comp is the first natural contraception and family planning monitor in the world with the highest effectiveness. It is among the Europe's most trusted and recommended natural contraception / family planning monitors .

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