Features To Look For Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Published by RetailGenius on 08/29/2016

There really can be nothing better than a proper functioning air conditioner cooling your home interiors and keeping you comfortable on a hot day. When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, you can only expect to make a comfortable purchase when you actually know everything about this product and make an informed choice. Thankfully, this article can help with that. So here is a how-to guide for you, enumerating all the features to look for when buying an air conditioner so that you end up picking out the best product for your needs.

# Types
There are basically three types of air conditioners, and you should choose one for your home, based on your needs and budget:

•Window Mounted: Pros: The most common type of AC; Installed on double hung window openings; Low cost; Easy to install; Can work with the existing wiring of your home. Cons: AC mounting will block the window; Regular uninstallations of the unit to use window when the summer ends.

•Split ductless: Pros: Permanently mounted on the wall; Sufficient cooling for small spaces; No blocking windows; No need for ductwork (as in the case of central air cooling). Cons: Costlier AC type; Larger units will require a dedicated 200 volt line; Professional installation is recommended.

•Portable ACs: Pros: Mobile AC units; Can be rolled from one room to the other; Easy to store and maintain. Cons: Costlier than wall mounted units; Not suitable for smaller sized homes with limited floor space.

# Size
When it comes to energy efficiency and proper cooling, the AC size is just as important as the brand you are choosing. The available cooling capacities can range from 5000 to 12000 British Thermal Units (Btu). As a rule, you should aim for 20 Btu of living space. However, cooling efficiency also depends on other variables so don’t forget to factor in the height of your ceiling, unit placement, window and doorway size and possibility of the cool air escaping out of the room.

# Features
•Energy Efficiency is a highly desirable trait that helps you save on cooling costs, bringing down your electricity bill by a substantial amount.

•Dehumidification is a feature that is available in almost all AC units, however, some brands do the job better than others, offering separate humidity control settings for days those hot and sticky days.

•Timer function is a great feature to have as well – it lets you switch the AC on and off automatically at pre-set times, helping you save on cooling costs by turning the unit off when the room is sufficiently cooled.

•Easy Controls offer high convenience to users, saving plenty of frustration for you in the long run. Compare different brands to find the most popular choice in terms of usage simplicity and intuitive control options.

•Noise reduction is an important feature to look for. Some units can be pretty distracting, creating a consistently annoying noise in the room, whether the AC is set on low or high. Make sure you avoid the same.

Apart from these, one must also examine the warranty being offered by the manufacturer and maintenance required by the unit. Just keep these factors in mind and you will end up with the right choice.