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Bariatric Surgery Can Reduce Complications After Joint Surgery: Study

Published by NicholsonClinic on 12/15/2016

As obesity continues at a pace that’s described as epidemic across the United States, the potential risks and complications of being severely overweight are fast becoming painfully clear. One of the common comorbidities that goes along with being well above the ideal weight involves wear and tear on the joints. For those who suffer from serious concerns in this regard, total joint arthroplasty surgery may be required.

Researchers are finding, however, that bariatric surgery can improve outcomes for those who undergo the TJA procedure.

To better understand the impacts bariatric surgery could have on TJA outcomes, researchers looked at more than 2,600 patients who underwent this procedure after bariatric surgery. They also looked at the same number of patients who had TJA without bariatric surgery. As an aside, patients who underwent hip replacement were also looked at, as well. Researchers ultimately found that patients who first underwent weight loss surgery, had a lower complication rate and lower comorbidity burden overall. This was especially so in patients who presented as severely obese, having a body mass index of 40 or higher.

Bariatric surgery has long been proven beneficial in helping people who are seriously overweight bring their condition into check. The most popular procedure for those with a BMI of 40 or over is the gastric bypass. This operation calls for surgically shrinking the stomach’s holding capacity. This essentially enables people to feel fuller faster. The second part of this two-step procedure involves rerouting digestion so that fewer calories are absorbed by the body.

People who are severely overweight run the risk for a number of complications, including serious damage to the joints in the body. Losing weight can lower risks greatly. To find out more about weight loss options, it is best to speak to a personal healthcare provider. The best recommendation will be highly patient specific.

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