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Published by Rubbercalinc on 04/11/2017

Safe playgrounds are an absolute necessity. Children are more likely to fall and roll over in playgrounds as games involve tumbles and heightened physical activity. Rather than rob children of their childhood, of which games are a vital aspect, it is better to improve the safety of playing spaces so as to increase the thrill of the moment without increasing risks. Take a closer look at the advantages of choosing rubber mats for playground that will increase the interest in the activity.

Shock absorbent rubber tiles take the sting out of tumbles

With an average thickness of 2.5” rubber tiles take the sting out of tumbles and falls. Designed to meet various fall height ratings, the rubber tiles will soak up the shock from falls as high as six feet. This makes the sport less risky and permits the participants to give their best to the game or activity. The waffle designs ensure that the ankle which generally bears the brunt of the fall, is not exposed to risk of sever risk or injury.

UV resistant and Eco friendly material are of high standards

The UV resistant rubber tiles translates into surfaces that will remain unaffected by the constant glare of the rays of the sun. This will keep the playground spaces vibrant and colorful. A dull and drab playing surface will be the last choice of children to involve in a game. The use of these colorful and fully safe playing surfaces will increase the interest of the children. Made from recycled rubber, the tiles are ecofriendly and help in protecting the environment.

Convenient installation and replacement whenever required

The design of the tiles helps in easy installation. The insertion of connector pins between adjacent tiles is all that is required to lay the protective surface. It does not require any complex process of fixing or pasting. A basic leveling of the surface, followed by laying the tiles within the designated playing area will complete the installation. Being in the form of tiles, it is easy to replace specific tiles, instead of replacing the whole surface.

The risk of abrasions, cuts and injury are prevalent in traditional surfaces, and this has the possibility of dampening the spirits of children or preventing them from enjoying the session at the playground. Installing rubber mats for playground will prove to be highly beneficial, and fully minimize the risks, turning the session into enjoyable and memorable moments.

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