Advocate Financial Services Offers Consumer Relief From Timeshare Contracts

Published by advocatefinanc… on 05/08/2017

A timeshare can be a difficult contract to sell, resell, or terminate. There is hope on the horizon, though, because it is possible to do so. Advocate Financial Services is here to help you find the best option available to you if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.
You might have tried to sell your timeshare and found that the market is overly saturated. You may be able to sell it, but not obtain a price that fully relieves you of any financial obligation. Selling a timeshare below the price you’ve paid means you are still on the hook for any shortfalls to the timeshare company. If you’ve considered donating your timeshare in order to obtain a tax benefit, you may have found that this option, too, has been so abused that it is no longer a viable one.
Cancelling a timeshare agreement is never as simple as signing one in the first place. There is relief at hand if you find yourself stuck with a timeshare contract due to deceptive, unethical, and unlawful sales practices. Think of it this way – if the US legal system has designed and enacted laws specifically for this industry, they have done so for a reason. Advocate Financial Services has more than twenty-five years of experience enacting these laws and helping consumers navigate the laws specifically put into place for their benefit.
Your best option is to let Advocate Financial Services provide the relief you need with the skill and expertise they have. Need to contact Advocate Financial Services?
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If you’ve exceeded the time allotted for timeshare cancellation per your contract, but have received no real benefit from your timeshare purchase, contact them as soon as possible. Their staff of experienced advocates will discuss the options available to you and help you take the next steps in cancelling your timeshare contract as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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