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Loader Tires: Best For Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Published by Trucktiresinc on 05/12/2017

There are many kinds of vehicles on the road, all designed for different purposes. Similarly, there are many kinds of commercial vehicles on the road, including heavy commercial vehicles. These vehicles carry very heavy loads, therefore are designed in a way that optimizes the weight distribution around the vehicle. This is where tires play the most important role. As we know, tires are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. This means that the load on the vehicle gets transferred to the ground through the tires. Now, if the tires are not selected properly, this load distribution will be inefficient, resulting in increased fuel consumption, flat tires, shifted centre of gravity and improper balance in the vehicle. If you own a heavy commercial vehicle, loader tires are the best option for your vehicle. Read on to find out how.

Reason #1: Load rating

Tires designed for heavy commercial vehicles have a high load bearing capacity. However, not all loader tires are suitable for all heavy commercial vehicles. The load rating of a loader tire is basically a number which tells how much maximum load that tire can take without risking driver safety. If you compare, you will notice that loader tires have higher load ratings than any other kinds of tires. This is what makes them the best choice for heavy commercial vehicles.

Reason #2: Positions

Heavy commercial vehicles come in various lengths. They may have trailers attached to them. Longer vehicles have more number of tires spanning across the length of the vehicle. What most people don’t know is that loader tires in different positions are designed differently, for example, steering, driver axle, trailer, etc. Other kinds of tires are not designed so specifically. This is what makes loader tires the only choice for heavy commercial vehicles. Position-specific design optimizes the operation of the vehicle. It also increases fuel efficiency.

Reason #3: Saving$

Loader tires save you money. The initial investment may seem a bit over the top, but in the long run, these tires will outlive all the other kinds of cheaper tires you may have surveyed. You even have the option of recycling and re-treading your loader tires to squeeze out some extra years from your investment. Their suitability for heavy commercial vehicles in insurmountable.

All the above reasons make loader tires the best choice for heavy commercial vehicles. If you are in need of new tires for your heavy vehicle, consider the points listed above before making the payment.

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